Is it Safe to Eat Grapes While Pregnant? The Answer Might Surprise You!

 Can Eating Grapes While Pregnant Benefit Your Baby?

Is it Safe to Eat Grapes While Pregnant? The Answer Might Surprise You!

While many fruits are safe to eat during pregnancy, you may be surprised to find out that some fruits aren’t recommended by doctors. If you’re wondering if it’s safe to eat grapes while pregnant, the answer might surprise you! Read on to find out more about eating grapes while pregnant and the other fruits you should avoid eating when pregnant as well.

When Can I Start Eating Grapes During Pregnancy?

Grape season is just around the corner, and many pregnant women are wondering when they can start eating grapes during pregnancy. 

If you're pregnant for the first time, you can eat up to eight ounces of grapes in a week at any point throughout your pregnancy.

If you're pregnant with your second child, then you should cut down to four ounces per week if you don't know the outcome of your first baby.

Why Shouldn’t Women with Gestational Diabetes Eat Raisins, Dates, or Other Dried Fruits?

It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor before eating any foods while pregnant. Raisins, dates, and other dried fruits all have a high sugar content and can cause gestational diabetes when eaten in excess. In addition, they are harder for the body to break down than fresh grapes and may take longer for glucose levels to come back down. And if you’re on insulin shots, raisins or dates can lead to low blood sugar and hypoglycemia. Finally, some people say that due to their higher fiber content and lower glycemic index (GI), raisins or dates may be better choices than fresh grapes as snacks.

Can I Have Frozen and Canned Fruit During My First Trimester?

Is it Safe to Eat Grapes While Pregnant? The Answer Might Surprise You!

It is okay for you to eat frozen and canned fruit during your first trimester, as long as they are canned in water or juice instead of syrup. If your doctor permits it, you can eat grapes as well. They are high in Vitamin C which helps keep your immune system strong. Plus, research has shown that eating canned fruit can reduce the risk of preeclampsia. However, if you want to be on the safe side, avoid them when you're pregnant because their sweet taste can increase a craving for sweets and sugars. Can I Eat Fruit During My First Trimester?: Fruit can also be tricky because some contain more sugar than others. Avoid those with a lot of sugar (pineapple, oranges) until after your first trimester. Fruits with more natural sugar content like bananas and blueberries are safer choices while you're pregnant.

How Do I Know If I Am Dehydrated When I’m Pregnant?

When you're pregnant, you need to keep a close eye on your hydration levels. But with all the guidelines and sources of advice, sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not you are dehydrated when you're pregnant. It's important that you make sure that your fluid intake is enough for yourself and baby when you are expecting. Dehydration can lead to dizziness, rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, and even seizures in extreme cases. To avoid these conditions while pregnant, drink plenty of fluids, including water. Keep up your electrolyte intake by eating foods like fruit and vegetables. A lot of experts recommend drinking six to eight glasses per day during pregnancy so that dehydration doesn't take hold. So can you eat grapes while pregnant? If you don't have any other food allergies, then yes!

What if I Drink Juice Made from Concentrate?

Did you know that juice made from concentrate does not undergo the same pasteurization process as juice made from fresh-squeezed fruit? This means that juices made from concentrate might have more potential for contaminants. When you make your own juices, use only 100% natural juice instead of juices made from concentrate. If there are any specific vitamins or nutrients that you need, look for those in the ingredients list. For example, if you're pregnant and want a banana smoothie, then try to find one with added calcium and vitamin D. 

If grapes aren't on the menu this time around but they're something you enjoy eating while pregnant, keep in mind that they don't cause 

problems during pregnancy like other foods might.

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