Spider Veins Treatment During Pregnancy

The Causes and Treatment of Spider Veins During Pregnancy

Most women during pregnancy are exposed to spider veins in their legs and it's common

spider veins

The Treatment of Spider Veins During Pregnancy

Spider veins are small blood vessels that may emerge as a blue, purple, or red spider on the skin. Above all, They may appear in the legs, face, and in the chest area. These spider veins  usually appear to pregnant women because of the Heavyweight and the Pressure on the veins

Vascular spiders are formed during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in their normal mode of circulation. In other words, They increased blood volume or a combination of blood volume in the body. You can prevent them from using compression stockings and keep them active. option.

The changes that occur during pregnancy are so fast, and often by accident, they can catch a surprised woman. On swollen feet, inflated abdomen, increased odor, growth of extra hair. One day you can reach your legs for a quick shave. Then feel the foot poking out your internal organs. which makes it impossible to reach the same anglE

Although many of these changes are temporary to keep the baby safe and healthy. They can provide unwanted side effects that you don't want to stay after pregnancy. One such side effects are spider veins and varicose veins, which can occur for the first time during pregnancy. Spider veins during pregnancy are some of the ways your body shows the stress you have suffered

Why Do Spider Veins Happen During Pregnancy?

At the Spider and Varicose Vices Treatment Center. We have developed a treatment program to address vascular spiders. And eliminate the discomfort and visual aspects that may make these veins not noticeable. First, we will guide you through what causes these spider veins. And what natural remedies you can pursue, and when it's time to call a venous specialist

At the same time, its hormone progesterone increases, which relaxes the walls of blood vessels. Veins are blood vessels that must be returned to the heart. Removing the legs already fights gravity, their weight gain, and weakens the walls of blood vessels.

Another natural cause of exerting pressure and increasing spider veins during pregnancy is your uterus. Which puts pressure on the right side of your body. Pressing on the main veins and returning blood to your heart. All these factors combine to lead to the valve, a small one-way door inside the vein. Designed to keep the blood in turn, which will immerse the blood in your vein.

When you see the formation of a “spider web” on your skin. It's actually the blood trapped from a malfunctioning valve. And your body is preparing for the birth of your baby. It also creates the perfect conditions for the birth of spider veins.

How to treat Them naturally( the treatments )

spider veins

If you find spider veins in places never seen before, you are not alone during pregnancy. Not only do many other pregnant women encounter this problem. But other people in their families are likely to have it too. Vascular spiders are partially hereditary. So you can give your mother a hug to experience the same pregnancy problems as you. But also for the appearance of new “guests” on your legs

Take advantage of the following tips

1 - Change your position if you feel that you have sat or stopped too long. A good idea is to set an alarm clock on your phone to make sure you get up and move.

2- High heels always look spectacular, but you may want to remove them in the coming months. High heels put your calves and ankles. which have increased pressure under great pressure. Glue flat heels or kittens to reduce this unnecessary stress.

3  - Move, move, move! Consult your venous doctor to see which options are right for you. But keeping your body moving is very beneficial to your overall blood circulation.

4  - Maternity support socks or compression socks can provide additional pressure so your blood flows in the right direction.

5  - Reduce your sodium intake as much as possible. We know that salted popcorn with butter sounds like a heavenly gift. But it increases moisture retention, as well as reduces the ability of your veins. To properly return blood due to swelling.

6  - Not only does it feel good to lift your legs. But it is also a super tip for improving the loops. Add this to your “get up and move” hour program to give your legs a little relief.

7 - Sleep on your left side, which will reduce the pressure on your large abdominal veins.

When Should I Consult a doctor?

Vascular spiders are not only a cosmetic problem but can also cause your legs to feel heavy, restless, and painful. Even if you follow all the above tips. It may still not be enough to fight vascular spiders and varicose veins in pregnancy. It often becomes painful, it's time to consult a venous doctor to discuss its choice.

 If you have spider veins that are painful after your pregnancy. You have to know that numerous pregnancies can often exacerbate these pre-existing spider veins and make them worse

you have to visit your doctor will develop a treatment plan that best suits your needs.  And the doctor will help you feel great about your leg. Sometimes some pregnant women remove the varicose by laser without any surgery

For more information watch this video :

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