Pregnancy Symptoms: 10 Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant

Early signs of pregnancy (Pregnancy Symptoms)

early pregnancy symptoms

What are pregnancy symptoms at 3 weeks

Pregnancy is the most blissful phase of a woman’s life where she is surely the happiest. Becoming a mother is a different experience than every mother cherishes. But it can also be a roller-coaster ride for some of them.

There are some signs and symptoms of early pregnancy that women may notice. But the symptoms are not the same for everyone. There might be chances that you may face all of these symptoms. Experience only some of them or do not experience any at all. The best way is to do a home pregnancy test that will give you accurate results or visit the doctor. But, some women may start seeing signs of pregnancy a couple of days only after one conceives 

hence check out all the little signs and symptoms that may indicate an early pregnancy stage

  • One of the most basic reasons that tell us that you might be pregnant is a missed period. Most of the women get a pregnancy test done or assume that they are pregnant when they missed that period. Delay of periods by a week is absolutely normal. But if the delay is of more than 10 to 15 days. Then it is the best to get a test done.
  • early pregnancy symptoms
  • Most of the women have faced the issue of morning sickness. Once you get up, you might feel giddy and feel like puking. And once you puke, you may feel a lot better. Morning sickness will be observed in the initial three months of pregnancy and then it settles down. If you notice and face morning sickness every day. Then it is the best to consult your doctor and get a pregnancy test done. Also, it is one thing that may happen to a lot of women and you may keep vomiting. Women have a high sensitivity to some smells especially during the initial days. And there are some kinds of smells that may cause discomfort and you may not enjoy them.
  • Minor cramps may occur when the egg is being fertilised in the body. And you may feel them at an initial stage. The cramps are very similar to those cramps that you get during periods. Also, along with cramps in the initial 10 to 15 days. There are chances that you might notice slight bleeding which will stop immediately. If you notice these kinds of spotting, then that may be an indication that you are soon to-be-mom.
  • Also, you may face these Symptoms

  •  Feeling tired may happen in usual life especially during periods. But it is also one thing that happens a lot during the initial pregnancy weeks. The progesterone levels rises when woman conceives and hence you may feel very tired and sleepy all the time. And do not worry as this is absolutely normal. Hence women have been told to practice yoga and meditate during pregnancy. Which makes them feel fresh and less tired all the time.
  • Tender breasts will be a highly noticeable symptom that a lot of women have reported according to the doctor. Women have mentioned that there breast usually grows a little; colour of the nipple may also change and may feel very sore as well. However if you do not see this symptom, do not worry as all the pregnancies are different.
  • early pregnancy symptoms
  • It is a very common thing that is shown in a lot of movies. That when a woman faces food cravings, she is pregnant. This does not happen with everybody. But some women do face a lot of food cravings like eating sour foods, ice cream, something that they love. Also, your food preferences may also change a lot during the initial pregnancy trimester . If you feel like eating something and you have been advised to eat it. Have it and make the baby enjoy as well.
  • There are chances that you might confuse your PMS symptoms with pregnancy. But mood swings are common with both of them. The hormonal changes are observed to be very dramatic during the initial stage of pregnancy. And hence you may face a lot of mood swings. Some women feel tired, some women act moody, some women may weep a lot and much more.
  • Final stages of Symptoms

  • Headaches and slight dizziness are very common during pregnancy as the blood circulation has changed completely. Women are usually prescribed medicines by the doctor in case of slight headaches which may give them relief. But, also make sure that you do not stress out a lot during your pregnancy as that may be a cause of those headaches too.
  • early pregnancy symptoms
  • Some women also face constipation during the early conceiving days as the bowel movement becomes a bit slow in excreting the waste. While some other women have complained that they have the urge to pee again and again. Frequent urination is possible most of the time they are just little drops of pee, that might give you the sensation that you want to go and pee once more.
  • And last but not the least, this is a magical experience that the women ‘feel’ that they are pregnant. Some women get that intuition that they are on the way to become a mother and it is often confirmed by test.
  • These are some pregnancy symptoms that all women may face someday at the time of the pregnancy. But, always remember that each pregnancy is a different one, and each mother will have a different experience throughout her pregnancy. Hence, try to get a check-up done as soon as possible when you have a missed period or try home pregnancy kits. Be stress-free, be happy and you would have a wonderful pregnancy.

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